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Listan från 1971-09-21

1Fireball (LP)Deep Purple
2Co coSweet
3Indian reservationRaiders
4Pearl (LP) Janis Joplin
5Me and you and a dog named BooLobo
6Eat at homePaul and Linda McCartney
7Ram (LP)Paul and Linda McCartney
8Någon att älskaSiv-Inger
9Every good boy deserves a favour (LP)Moody Blues
9Get it onT.Rex
11Master of reality (LP)Black Sabbath
12Big stepShakane
13Bangla desh George Harrison
14Blood, Sweat & Tears 4 (LP)Blood Sweat and Tears
15Får jag skänka dig min sång Monica Forsberg
16NySymponies for the 70's (LP)Waldo de los Rios
17NyGet down and get with itSlade
18She's a lady (LP) Tom Jones
19NyTap turns on the waterCCS
20I'm on the road again Ian Campbell